Forum Title: Striping on new asphalt without a plan
I get this all the time, stripe it as it was before. Ok I will check google earth to see how it was before and copy, but now I am thinking if I do something different/wrong I am going to get sued. So my question is, how do you guys go about this?
Category: Paving Post By: KATHERINE ROGERS (Topeka, KS), 12/05/2019

New layouts don't even always have dimensions. Just make it straight and keep the driveways the same distance per local code. ie 24' for two way traffic. I don't do anything that's not to spec or code or grandfathered in.

- NAOMI BLAIR (Flint, MI), 01/31/2020

we use google earth and go back in time to see if the layout has changed over the years. Then I send a picture of the google earth image to the customer to get their approval in the layout. Takes five minutes but saves a huge mess if something changed. I always change the handicaps to code if at all possible. I was told by an old time guy when I first started. I hired you because you are the professional, make it work.

- BERNICE BANKS (Boca Raton, FL), 01/31/2020

We generally bring them up to code per fed requirements or require prints to take the liability of us. Some local codes may be grand fathered but fed regs say they are to be brought up to code on restriping.

- NEIL GRAVES (Bloomington, IN), 01/31/2020

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