Forum Title: Pricing for subcontracting or pricing lists
My name is Daniel and I recently opened a pavement striping business. I reached out to a few different asphalting companies to see if they'd want to send me excess work, and they all asked for a pricing list. I understand the concept, I was just wondering if anybody had any advice or would be willing to show me an example of what they would send back? So much respect for what everyone in this industry does, Daniel Lak
Category: Paving Post By: JACKIE HAYNES (Plymouth, MN), 12/19/2019

Thats a hard one to answer, everyone around the country has different prices. Depends on your insurance, paint costs, healthcare, and any more overhead. Restriping runs between $.10 - $.25 per foot or more. Layout is .18 to .40 per foot for a 4 inch wide line. It takes a while to figure out your pricing. Take you time and learn the basics first before going after big customers.

- GINA SUTTON (Greenville, SC), 01/31/2020

Have you got the ability to come to the National Pavement Expo this week? There are some great classes for new stripers. As you figure your costs you’ll be able to figure your price. We figure paint usage at 1500lf per pail. I don’t send out price lists because there are just too many variables in each job. I would probably do like JPANZ said and learn the ropes first. Then market your company to those guys later, but rather than a price list, offer to bid any work they want. Starting with re striping is much easier as well. Maybe try to get a few gas stations and then move to small offices etc.. That’s how I started.

- Sam Formisano (Durham, NC), 01/31/2020

Don’t forget set pricing for arrows, handis and definantly a minimum price can’t hardly go do a 4 line convenience store for linear ft pricing.

- HAZEL JENSEN (New Britain, CT), 01/31/2020

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