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Hi guys! I've been asked to provide a quote on a restripe of a concrete parking structure. What kind of prep do you guys perform on the stripes and arrows to ensure the customer gets a long lasting product? I've attached a photo of an arrow to show what they currently look like. Thanks for the help!
Category: Paving Post By: MITCHELL VAZQUEZ (Denton, TX), 01/12/2020

Here is my take. Nothing sticks well to concrete. Also, the smoother it is, that harder it is to get anything to stick. We usually just have a waiver of understanding before, so that we are all on the same page, and the owner understands it may pop off after a while. Its also important that they dont paint too much, de-lamination will greatly increase the problem. Just think of red curbs that people paint too much. That being said, you can scarify the surface prior, or even shot blast, however both are time consuming and costly - so most people dont want to pay for it. We have also from time to time applied a coating of clear resin sealer on top of the new paint, and while that will buy more time, it still wont get it to last as long as if it were asphalt. Id just paint as normal with a good high quality solvent based paint, but talk with the owner prior and let him know of the risks. That way you don't end up owning the job. Let us know how it goes.

- STACEY FLEMING (San Rafael, CA), 01/31/2020

We change our tip size to a smaller tip. We run 325 on asphalt and 321 on concrete. Other wise it has to much build up and flakes off.

- CHRISTOPHER MARTINEZ (Tinley Park, IL), 01/31/2020

Also keep in mind, often garages are extremely dirty. You might recommend the owner to pressure wash prior. Even with the best brightest paint, if that garage is dirty, it will muck up anything. That would be another thing to point out prior, that way you don't get caught in an issue where they think your paint isn't performing.

- YOLANDA ORTEGA (Carlsbad, CA), 01/31/2020

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